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Put a Trip to the Dentist on Your Back-to-School Checklist

August 8, 2019

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Summer vacation is coming to an end. Before long, classes will start and your children will be busy with their extracurricular activities. No doubt you’re spending the last few days of the break running errands to make sure your young scholars have everything they need for the coming year. But there’s one important item that you may have left off your checklist: visiting the dentist.

Why Should My Child See the Dentist During the Summer?

Of course, the most obvious advantage of a summer appointment is not needing to worry about school. It can be hard to find the time for dental visits when your children have tests, homework and in-class assignments to worry about. Even an after-school appointment can potentially conflict with activities like sports, orchestra and theater. By seeing the dentist now while school is still closed, your children can avoid a lot of worry and inconvenience later. As a bonus, less day-to-day stress can mean a more pleasant experience during their checkup.

An end-of-summer appointment is also the perfect time to check for cavities. Chances are your children indulged in a lot of sugar over the summer in the form of sodas, popsicles, candy and other treats. This can put them at an increased risk of decay that needs to be found and treated as soon as possible. The best opportunity to stop such problems in their tracks – and thus avoiding additional visits and more complex, costly treatments – is right now, at the end of the break while your children still have plenty of free days.

Finally, if your child needs some sort of surgical treatment – such as a wisdom tooth extraction – that usually requires a few days of recovery afterwards, it’s best to have it done while there are still vacation days left.

Why is Seeing the Dentist So Important?

Your child is in danger of getting cavities as soon as their first tooth erupts. The decay can lead to painful toothaches and, eventually, tooth loss. Another common oral health issue, gum disease, has similar consequences and might even contribute to bigger health problems such as heart disease.

To keep your child healthy, it’s important to make sure that their teeth and gums stay as clean as possible. While brushing and flossing every day is naturally part of this, there are some places in your child’s mouth that they might have trouble reaching on their own. The family dentist will be able to clean these areas thoroughly, preventing cavities from forming; they’ll also be able to detect and treat problems early on before too much damage is done.

If your child hasn’t had a dental appointment in the last six months, it’s especially important to schedule a visit as soon as possible, and summer can be your best chance to do so. Don’t let the opportunity slip by before school begins!

About the Author

Dr. Alex Martin has completed several hundred hours of postgraduate education; he believes in always providing his patients with up-to-date, high-quality care. He offers a wide range of dentistry services. For your little ones, in addition to a regular checkup, he can offer fluoride treatment for extra cavity protection. To schedule an appointment at his practice in Scottsdale, visit his website or call (480) 860-1993.

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