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Fear of the Dentist Is Real. Here’s How to Stop It.

November 27, 2017

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Portrait of a smiling womanGoing to the dentist shouldn’t be a traumatic event — but many people struggle to schedule routine dental care due to their fear or anxiety. Their reluctance is often rooted in the past, like from a less-than-pleasant childhood experience. But sometimes there’s no identifiable reason for it at all. If you struggle with dental fear or anxiety, we know you’re ready to get past it. And guess what? We’re prepared to help.

The Toll of Dental Fear

Being afraid of the dentist can put your oral and overall health at risk. When you avoid routine dental care, you’re missing out on the services that help to keep cavities and gum disease at bay. If you only visit the dentist after you know there is a problem due to pain, the chances that we can provide a conservative treatment are greatly reduced.

Skipping out on dental care can also put you at a greater risk of a number of health conditions, as gum disease has been linked to heart problems, respiratory issues, and even memory loss. Routine checkups and cleanings are vital to enjoying the good periodontal health that promotes your overall well-being.

Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety

An excellent dentist can help patients overcome even the most deep-seated dental anxieties. It all starts with developing a good relationship — it’s hard to feel like you can really trust a dentist if you haven’t taken some time to get to know them. During an initial consultation, you can discuss your concerns about dental care and ways that the team can help you feel comfortable and at-ease.

Some steps that your dentist may take to help you remain relaxed throughout your appointment include:

  • Working slowly and taking frequent pauses, if you wish
  • Creating a hand signal for you to indicate when you need a break
  • Explaining in clear, easy-to-understand language each step being performed
  • Giving you plenty of time to ask all the questions you may have about your treatment
  • Using sedatives to help relax your mind and remove you from the sights, smells, and sounds of what is going on around you

Partnering with a dentist you trust is a great way to overcome your dental anxiety. After a few visits with an excellent dental team, many patients realize there wasn’t so much to fear from dentistry at all and are able to resume routine dental care. That’s truly the best case scenario!

Your Smile Depends on Preventive Care

If you’re dealing with dental fear or anxiety, don’t wait to get in touch with our office. Undergoing routine six month checkups and cleanings is the best way to enjoy your healthy, complete smile for a lifetime to come — and we can’t wait to help you feel right at home in our comfortable dental practice!

About the Author

Dr. Alex Martin is a cosmetic, restorative, and general dentist providing care to families and individuals in and around Scottsdale, AZ. To learn more about his services or how sedation dentistry can help you relax your way through your next appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch at 480-860-1993.

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