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How the Dentist in Scottsdale Can Rebuild Your Smile

September 22, 2016

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The dentist in Scottsdale can rebuild your smile.

Three beautiful young cowgirls.

The landscape in Arizona has a rare combination of qualities. It can be both sparse and beautiful. Wide expanses of territory show little signs of life outside of the scant bushes, occasionally broken up by a towering cactus. You can feel the buzz of life around you in the lizards and insects, but you can only see the signs they leave behind. Unfortunately, when it comes to your teeth, sparse never means beautiful. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to flash a full smile because your teeth, what are left of them, desperately need repair. You don’t even know if it’s possible. Dr. Martin, a dentist in Scottsdale, knows he can help rebuild your smile, no matter what condition it is in.

What Is Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Teeth can breakdown in any number of ways. Sometimes it is due to decay, other times they receive a type of trauma. Teeth that do not receive regular dental care can experience either of these, and they can compound as time goes on.  A single procedure cannot fix all of your dental issues if there is a confluence of different conditions. That is where a full-mouth reconstruction can help. Dr. Martin can examine your mouth and come up with a plan to rehabilitate your smile. This may involve a combination of strategies such as:

  • Inlays, Onlays, and Fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures

Inlays, Onlays, and Fillings

Many times a tooth can be saved, at least in part, even if it has suffered damage. It simply needs to be reinforced so it can stand up to the normal stresses a tooth faces. Fillings use a composite resin to fortify the inside structure of a comprised tooth. This resin is colored to match the rest of your natural teeth and blend in seamlessly. Inlays and onlays work by placing specially shaped pieces of ceramic either inside or on your teeth. These might be necessary if a tooth is too damaged to simply be filled. These once again will blend with your remaining teeth and assure you can rely on them for years.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown can be used to completely restore the top portion of a tooth that has been partially lost. A crown is more comprehensive than an inlay or onlay, and works by simply slipping over the remaining portion of your natural tooth. A row of teeth can be restored with a bridge, which is when a fake, or pontic tooth is anchored by two supporting teeth. These supporting teeth may need crowns, so a combination of both could easily help fill gaps in your smile.

Dental Implants

A dental implant can offer a complete restoration of a tooth, from root to crown. Once any remainder of the damaged tooth is removed, new titanium roots will be placed into your gums by a local oral surgeon. After you have taken time to heal, usually 3-6 months, Dr. Martin will place any of the crowns you need into your mouth. The crowns will made of a high-quality porcelain which can thoroughly replicate the look and strength of a natural tooth. Dental implants are extremely reliable and can last a lifetime if properly cared for with routine brushing and flossing.


Patients who are suffering a large amount of tooth loss may be advised they need a set of partial or complete dentures. These will help patients who do not have enough structure to support crowns or bridges. Dentures can be custom fit to easily bond with the patient’s existing soft tissue, or All-On-4 dental implant dentures can assure an iron grip that guarantees peace of mind.

How Do I Get Started?

There is a way to bring your smile back. The first step is to come see Dr. Martin so you both can talk about what approach best suits your needs. Anything is possible for your smile no matter what state it is in now, so get started bringing it back today and give us a call.

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