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How a Dentist Visit Saves You Money and More in the New Year!

January 6, 2019

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A woman at her dental appointment.There are many resolutions people make come the new year. Losing weight, eating better, spending less money and spending more time with family are just a few notable choices. But did you know that committing to routine dental visits can also make a big difference? In fact, regular visits have the potential to do favors for your other resolutions as well.

If one of your resolutions is to save money or stay healthy, there’s no reason why preventive checkups and cleanings can’t be a part of them!


Saving Money in the New Year?

If there’s one thing families wish they could save money on, it’s healthcare costs. The good news is preventive care is largely considered to be the cheapest form of care out there, whether it’s a physical from a general practitioner or a routine exam from a dentist. The fact is if you want to avoid spending more on restorative or emergency dental care costs, (or most costly care for that matter), then preventive treatments are the most effective way to do so.

Furthermore, emergency and restorative costs are some of the most expensive forms of dental care you can buy. If you’re goal is to save money, then it shouldn’t involve skipping preventive visits. Routine exams are proven to reduce your risk of needing an extensive treatment, whether it be a root canal or custom-made crown.

Protect Your Oral and Systemic Health

A routine visit entails a thorough examination, but it also involves a comprehensive cleaning of your teeth, gums and other oral structures. This works to remove not just plaque, but it’s calcified form known as tartar (or calculus.) This form of plaque is far more difficult to remove and requires the aid of a professional to do so.

While the removal of plaque is crucial to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, removing it isn’t only doing your mouth a favor. Research over the past several years has only solidified the fact that oral health is linked to systemic health. For example, those with chronic gum disease have shown to be more likely to develop other conditions, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. By keeping a professionally-cleaned mouth and making time for exams, you work towards achieving whole-body wellness.

More Time with Family, Less in the Chair

If there’s one thing families hate, it’s sacrificing time with the family for doctor’s visits. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the dental chair for an extraction or root canal treatment. Furthermore, those with chronic dental problems are more likely to miss work or take vacation time in order to complete dental treatments.

However, those who visit regularly (as well as practice at-home care) are significantly less likely to spend as much time in the dental chair because their risk for dental issues is lower.

This new year, it’s easy to make dental appointments a part of your routine. Schedule an appointment today and achieve whole-body wellness!

About the Author

Dr. Alex Martin earned his DDS degree from Creighton University. He keeps up-to-date on the latest advancements in dentistry, ensuring that your visit only includes the most effective dental care possible. If you need a routine exam or cleaning performed, feel free to contact him through his website.

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