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What Is Periodontal Therapy and How Does It Help?

February 15, 2013

periodontal therapyIn our last post, we talked about how research on gum disease and heart disease is continually evolving. Today we’d like to put our focus on periodontal therapy itself.

The goal of periodontal therapy is to remove built-up bacteria and plaque from around the gum line. In more advanced cases, pockets may develop between teeth and gums. Advanced periodontal therapy concentrates on cleaning these pockets out to prevent further loss of gum tissue and bone. What’s more, it’s through these pockets that bacteria and plaque can enter the bloodstream.

Different doctors rely on different tools to perform periodontal therapy. Regardless, scaling and root planing are two of the common and most effective. Scaling and root planing uses traditional dental tools to thoroughly clean around teeth and in pockets.

Some dentists use lasers to clean even more effectively, while others will also prescribe a helpful antibiotic to more thoroughly eliminate bacteria.

To find out what Dr. Alex Martin offers, and to find out how he can help you, give his Scottsdale office a call. Our team would be happy to help you restore your gum health. Through a consultation, we can determine the extent of your needs and develop a treatment plan to help you.

Dr. Martin’s Scottsdale office serves patients from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills.

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