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Scottsdale Fluoride Treatment Provides Extra Protection Against Cavities

Fluorine written on green squareFluoride is an important mineral that’s found in many foods and water sources, including most of our tap water here in the U.S. The presence of fluoride in the water you drink can have positive effects for your oral health, strengthening tooth enamel and helping remineralize areas of decay. However, a deficiency of fluoride in children is growing because of the increased popularity of bottled water, which doesn’t contain the mineral. Here at the dental office of Dr. Alex Martin, our team can determine whether or not you’re receiving enough daily fluoride and provide supplements in order to protect and strengthen your teeth. Contact our Scottsdale, AZ dental office to schedule a check-up!

Dr. Martin offers several different flavors of fluoride mouth rinse for patients from Fountain Hills, AZ and surrounding areas. Our hygienists will provide a quick rinse, as well as helpful tips for keeping your fluoride levels at the right level. This could include drinking more tap water or using a mouthwash that’s rich in fluoride on a regular basis.